Journal Article Synthesis of composite polymer particles with carbonnanotubes and evaluation of their mechanical properties

Tetsuya, Yamamoto  ,  Kan, Kawaguchi

In the present study, a method for synthesizing composite polymer particles with multi-wall carbon nanotubes(MWCNTs) was developed, and the particles’ mechanical properties were evaluated. First, the surfaces ofMWCNTs were modified by acids to increase their hydrophilicity, resulting in surface-active MWCNTs. Then, aPickering emulsion was formed using liquid benzyl methacrylate monomer and the surface-active MWCNTs. Thesurface charge of the surface-active MWCNTs greatly influenced the surface coverage and size of the compositeparticles. Furthermore, when untreated MWCNTs were added to the monomer phase, surface coverage of theresulting particles was enhanced because MWCNTs on the surface of the particles interacted with MWCNTsincorporated inside the particles, thus preventing the surface-active MWCNTs on the surface from being releasedinto the bulk. As a result, the mechanical properties of the composite polymer particles were successfully improvedbecause the incorporated MWCNTs worked well as fillers.

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