Journal Article Generation of intermittent ion acoustic waves in whistler-mode turbulence

S., Saito  ,  Y., Nariyuki  ,  T., Umeda

24pp.072304 - 072304 , 2017-06-29 , AIP Publishing
A two-dimensional, fully kinetic, electromagnetic, particle-in-cell simulation in a magnetized collisionlessplasma has been performed, demonstrating the generation of intermittent ion acousticwaves in finite-amplitude whistler-mode turbulence. The self-consistent simulation shows that ion/ion acoustic instability can be driven as a consequence of the nonlinear evolution of whistler-modeturbulence. The instability triggering the generation of ion acoustic waves occurs intermittently inseveral local regions. We propose that the nonlinear development of the phase-space density thatdrives kinetic instabilities must be analyzed with greater care if the dissipation of plasma turbulenceis to be understood.

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