Journal Article Large-Scale Optical Node Architecture Utilizing M×M Wavelength-Selective Switches Optimally Configured for Traffic Distribution

Masaki, Niwa  ,  Yojiro, Mori  ,  Hiroshi, Hasegawa  ,  Ken-Ichi, Sato

29 ( 16 )  , pp.1293 - 1296 , 2017-08-15 , IEEE
We propose a novel optical node architecture that fully utilizes M × M wavelength-selective switches (WSSs), where the subsystem modular architecture is adopted and the M × M WSS ports are optimally allocated to inter-node fibers and add/drop fibers in accordance with the traffic distribution. The proposed architecture can accommodate the maximum incoming (outgoing) fiber number of 60 in USNET and 50 in the pan-European network where fiber-utilization efficiency offset is less than 3% compared with the completely unrestricted node. The number of necessary M × M WSSs is reduced by up to 26% compared with the previously proposed scheme.

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