Journal Article Magnetoelectric coupling in the pyrochlore ruthenate Gd2Ru2O7

Takuma, Okamura  ,  Ryuji, Okazaki  ,  Hiroki, Taniguchi  ,  Yukio, Yasu  ,  Ichiro, Terasaki

86pp.084708 - 084708 , 2017-07-24 , 日本物理学会
We have prepared polycrystalline samples of Gd2Ru2O7, and have measured the dielectric constant, magnetizationand magnetostriction in external fields from 0 to 7 T below 15 K. We find that the dielectric constant of Gd2Ru2O7significantly changes with external fields, and reveal a finite magnetoelectric coupling in this oxide. Using a simplemodel in which the spins on the Gd ions feel an internal magnetic field of 7 T from the Ru clusters, we have explainedmagnetization and magnetoelectric effects qualitatively.

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