Journal Article Microbeam Hard X-ray Photoemission Study on Platinum-group Metal Pernitrides

Soda, Kazuo  ,  Mizui, Tatsuya  ,  Komabuchi, Mai  ,  Kato, Masahiko  ,  Terabe, Toshiki  ,  Suzuki, Kentaro  ,  Niwa, Ken  ,  Shirako, Yuichi  ,  Hasegawa, Masashi  ,  Akaogi, Masaki  ,  Kojitani, Hiroshi  ,  Ikenaga, Eiji

86 ( 6 )  , pp.064804 - 064804 , 2017-06-15 , 日本物理学会
Using microbeam hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, we clarified the valence-band electronic structures and chemical states of platinum-group metal (Ru, Ir, and Pt) pernitrides, which have been synthesized in supercritical nitrogen fluid under extremely high pressures and temperatures. Their nitrogen contents relative to the platinum-group metal are estimated to be 2 from the photoemission intensity, which is consistent with the studies reported to date. The observed valence-band structures agree quite well with theoretically predicted structures for the pyrite-type PtN2, arsenopyrite-type IrN2, and marcasite-type RuN2. The origin of their extremely large bulk moduli is discussed based on the current results of the valence-band structures and core-level chemical shifts.

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