Journal Article Fine printing of pressure- and temperature-sensitive paints using commercial inkjet printer

Matsuda, Yu  ,  Kameya, Tomohiro  ,  Suzuki, Yuichi  ,  Yoshida, Yuki  ,  Egami, Yasuhiro  ,  Yamaguchi, Hiroki  ,  Niimi, Tomohide

250pp.563 - 568 , 2017-10 , Elsevier
We have proposed an instant method for painting of pressure- and temperature-sensitive paints (PSP and TSP) using a commercial inkjet printer. This method enables us to finely and separately paint PSP and TSP to prevent them from being mixed and the interaction between PSP and TSP dyes. Moreover, the pressure-sensitivity of inkjet-printed PSP was similar to those of conventional PSPs. We consider this method is promising to measure pressure distribution with temperature variation, because the printing pattern of PSP and TSP is easily designed by an illustration software to adjust pressure distribution of interest. The pressure distribution induced by jet impingement was measured by the grid pattern of PSP and TSP as a demonstration. The pattern of PSP and TSP was well-defined; thus, the emissions from PSP and TSP can be easily separated and analyzed even when the emissions were captured by a CCD camera at the same time. This is also an advantage of our method. The pressure distribution agreed well with the pressures measured by pressure taps.

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