Journal Article BRS structure of simple model of cosmological constant and cosmology

Mori, Taisaku  ,  Nitta, Daisuke  ,  Nojiri, Shin’ichi

96pp.024009 - 024009 , 2017-07-15 , American Physical Society
In Mod. Phys. Lett. A 31, 1650213 (2016), Nojiri proposed a simple model in order to solve one of the problems related to the cosmological constant. The model is induced from a topological field theory, and the model has an infinite number of BRS symmetries. The BRS symmetries are, in general, spontaneously broken, however. We investigate the BRS symmetry in detail and show that there is one and only one BRS symmetry which is not broken, and the unitarity can be guaranteed. In the model, the quantum problem of the vacuum energy, which may be identified with the cosmological constant, reduces to the classical problem of the initial condition. We investigate the cosmology given by the model and specify the region of the initial conditions, which could be consistent with the evolution of the Universe. We also show that there is a stable solution describing the de Sitter space-time, which may explain the accelerating expansion in the current Universe.

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