Journal Article 10-Silacorroles Exhibiting NIR Absorption and Emission

Omori, Hiroto  ,  Hiroto, Satoru  ,  Shinokubo, Hiroshi

22 ( 33 )  , pp.7866 - 7870 , 2017-06-12 , Wiley
10-Silacorroles were obtained from the Pd-catalyzed silylative cyclization of a bis(α,α′-dibromodipyrrin) Ni^II precursor with dihydrosilanes. These 10-silacorroles show substantially red-shifted absorption bands relative to those of normal porphyrins and isocorroles. Notably, the corresponding free base and Zn^II 10-silacorroles exhibit emissions in the NIR region. Theoretical calculations on these 10-silacorroles revealed the presence of σ*–π* conjugation between the silyl group and the tetrapyrrole π system, which significantly lowers their LUMO energy levels.

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