Journal Article One-step synthesis of water–dispersible carbon nanocapsules by pulsed arc discharge over aqueous solution under pressurized argon

Hayashi, Yui  ,  Takada, Noriharu  ,  Wahyudiono  ,  Kanda, Hideki  ,  Goto, Motonobu

43 ( 7 )  , pp.4201 - 4211 , 2017-07 , Springer
Water–dispersible carbon nanocapsules were synthesized in a one-step process by a pulsed arc discharge over glycine solution under pressurized argon. Pulsed arc discharge from a copper electrode was introduced to the glycine solution surface to generate carbon materials. The experiments were conducted at room temperature under argon atmospheric pressure to 4.0 MPa. The carbon products seemed to have high dispersibility in water. They were composed of carbon nanocapsules with a few graphitic layers doped with nitrogen. The generated carbon nanocapsules reacted with carboxylic active compounds. The carbon nanocapsules were produced only under high pressures, over 1.5 MPa. The pressure affected the synthetic rate of carbon nanocapsules and nitrogen doped levels, conversely, it had a small influence on the amount of oxygen atoms in the carbon products.

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