Journal Article A solid-supported acidic oxazolium perchlorate as an easy-handling catalyst for the synthesis of modified pyrimidine nucleosides via Vorbrüggen-type N-glycosylation

Basu, Nabamita  ,  Oyama, Kin-ichi  ,  Tsukamoto, Masaki

58 ( 20 )  , pp.1921 - 1924 , 2017-05-17 , Elsevier
A solid-supported acidic oxazolium perchlorate was investigated as a heterogeneous catalyst in N-glycosylation reactions using silylated modified pyrimidines and an acylated ribose or glucose to afford the corresponding pyrimidine nucleosides. This salt is a nonhygroscopic and stable powder whose activity is comparable to that of 2-methyl-5-phenylbenzoxazolium perchlorate. A reaction with this polymer catalyst can be conducted on a gram scale. Reusability of the solid-supported catalyst was also investigated.

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