Departmental Bulletin Paper テニスシングルスゲームにおける打球・待球位置と状況判断

工藤, 璃子  ,  横山, 慶子  ,  工藤, 敏巳  ,  山本, 裕二  ,  KUDO, Riko  ,  YOKOYAMA, Keiko  ,  KUDO, Toshimi  ,  YAMAMOTO, Yuji

40 ( 1 )  , pp.45 - 54 , 2017-06-30 , 名古屋大学総合保健体育科学センター
The purpose of this study was to examine how individual decision-making is affected by the waiting and hitting positions during singles tennis. The ideal waiting position for the receiver was defined by the hitting position of the opponent, which depended on the depth and width of the hitter’s position. The definition was applied to three international men’s singles matches, and the constant errors between ideal and actual waiting positions and between ideal waiting positions and the direction of the shots in each rally were determined, as receivers’ and hitters’ decisionmaking, respectively. The results showed that the number of rallies on the advantage side was more than that on the deuce side, and more crosscourt shots occurred from the advantage side than down-the-line shots; however, shots from the deuce side were directed to both sides. The distribution of the waiting positions for receivers was unimodal; however, the directions of the shots showed a bimodal distribution. These results suggest that the receiver makes a decision depending on the perception of the hitting position of the hitter, and the hitter makes a decision depending on the perception of the receiver’s waiting position.

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