Journal Article Impact of anisotropy on antiferromagnet rotation in Heusler-type ferromagnet/antiferromagnet epitaxial bilayers

Hajiri, T.  ,  Matsushita, Y.  ,  Ni, Y. Z.  ,  Asano, H.

95pp.134413 - 134413 , 2017-04-01 , American Physical Society
We report the magnetotransport properties of ferromagnet (FM)/antiferromagnet (AFM)Fe2CrSi/Ru2MnGe epitaxial bilayers using current-in-plane configurations. Above the critical thickness of the Ru2MnGe layer to induce exchange bias, symmetric and asymmetric curves were observed in response to the direction of FM magnetocrystalline anisotropy. Because each magnetoresistance curve showed full and partial AFM rotation, the magnetoresistance curves imply the impact of the Fe2CrSi magnetocrystalline anisotropy to govern the AFM rotation. The maximum magnitude of the angular-dependent resistance-change ratio of the bilayers is more than an order of magnitude larger than that of single-layer Fe2CrSi films, resulting from the reorientation of AFM spins via the FM rotation. These results highlight the essential role of controlling the AFM rotation and reveal a facile approach to detect the AFM moment even in current-in-plane configurations in FM/AFM bilayers.

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