Journal Article Cross-scale interactions between turbulence driven by electron and ion temperature gradients via sub-ion-scale structures

Maeyama, S.  ,  Watanabe, T.-H.  ,  Idomura, Y.  ,  Nakata, M.  ,  Ishizawa, A.  ,  Nunami, M.

57 ( 6 )  , pp.066036 - 066036 , 2017-06 , IOP publishing
Multi-scale plasma turbulence including electron and ion temperature gradient (ETG/ITG) modes has been investigated by means of electromagnetic gyrokinetic simulations. Triad transfer analyses on nonlinear mode coupling reveal cross-scale interactions between electron and ion scales. One of the interactions is suppression of electron-scale turbulence by ion-scale turbulence, where ITG-driven short-wavelength eddies act like shear flows and suppress ETG turbulence. Another cross-scale interaction is enhancement of ion-scale turbulence in the presence of electron-scale turbulence. This is caused via short-wavelength zonal flows, which are created by the response of passing kinetic electrons in ITG, suppress ITG by their shearing, and are damped by ETG turbulence. In both cases, sub-ion-scale structures between electron and ion scales play important roles in the cross-scale interactions.

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