Journal Article Impact of ligands and media on the structure and properties of biological and biomimetic iron-sulfur clusters

Ohta, Shun  ,  Ohki, Yasuhiro

338pp.207 - 225 , 2017-05-01 , Elsevier
Iron-sulfur clusters are inorganic centers that are widely distributed in nature, mediating electron-transfer processes and transformation reactions. Their properties and functions arise from the different amino acid residues on the iron centers, some weak interactions within the protein matrices, and the extent of exposure to the medium. Studies on biomimetic model clusters have elucidated the molecular basis of the effects of iron-bound ligands and solvents on the synthesis and properties of iron-sulfur clusters. This review summarizes the effects of ligands and media on the properties and structure of both biological and biomimetic iron-sulfur clusters.

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