Departmental Bulletin Paper A case of metachronous left ovarian metastasis 8 years after surgery for cecal cancer and right ovarian metastasis: Report of a case

Shigeyoshi, Itaru  ,  Komori, Koji  ,  Kinoshita, Takashi  ,  Oshiro, Taihei  ,  Ito, Seiji  ,  Abe, Tetsuya  ,  Senda, Yoshiki  ,  Misawa, Kazunari  ,  Ito, Yuichi  ,  Uemura, Norihisa  ,  Natsume, Seiji  ,  Kawakami, Jiro  ,  Ouchi, Akira  ,  Tsutsuyama, Masayuki  ,  Hosoi, Takahiro  ,  Akazawa, Tomoyuki  ,  Hayashi, Daisuke  ,  Tanaka, Hideharu  ,  Yatabe, Yasushi  ,  Shimizu, Yasuhiro

79 ( 2 )  , pp.259 - 266 , 2017-05 , Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, School of Medicine
Metachronous ovarian metastasis of colorectal adenocarcinoma is mostly identified within 3 years. Here we present a case of a 64-year-old woman with cecal cancer who underwent right oophorectomy for ovarian metastasis. Imaging was performed because of abdominal bloating; it detected a swollen right ovary with ascites. On laparotomy, a right ovarian tumor and cecal cancer were identified. After right oophorectomy, a diagnosis of unilateral ovarian metastasis from colon cancer was made. One month later, right hemicolectomy was performed. Eight years after initial surgery, the patient presented with vaginal bleeding. A computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a pelvic mass approximately 10 cm in diameter, but no mass was evident on a CT image taken 6 months before. The patient was diagnosed with left ovarian metastasis from colon cancer. A third laparotomy revealed a left ovarian tumor, but there was no evidence of other metastases or peritoneal dissemination. Left oophorectomy was performed. Oophorectomy is considered to be associated with a survival benefit in ovarian metastasis without other extensive metastasis. However, ovarian metastasis is often bilateral. Although complete resection was achieved in the present case, the findings support performing prophylactic bilateral oophorectomy if metastasis is identified in a unilateral ovary.

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