Departmental Bulletin Paper 『太平記』を読む 一 : 『平家物語』を抱きこむ『太平記』

山下, 宏明  ,  YAMASHITA, Hiroaki

63pp.149 - 166 , 2017-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
After the defeat of the war, Taiheiki has been neglected because of the imperialism, royal authority, duraing the war. After the the war, Taiheiki was estimated by study of history, not as a tale. So the main theme of the study has been about the research of the thought of the author. They had not studied as a tale but as a historical material. They looked for a hisrorical material. But this time I was surprised to find that much of the text was woven as a tale. I have tried to read the text as a tale based on Heikemonogatari. I believed to read it as a woven text based on Heikemonogatari.

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