Departmental Bulletin Paper 流離とみやび : 津の国の行平・業平兄弟

大井田, 晴彦  ,  OIDA, Haruhiko

63pp.135 - 147 , 2017-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
In Isemonogatari, the place names are very important.These of outside of Heian-kyo in particular. For example, in Kasuga of Nara where is related to the Emperor Heizei who is Narihira’s grand father, this monogatari starts, and Nagaoka-kyo is related to Princess Ito who is Narihira’s mother. The purpose of this repotr is to investigate essence of the episodes of Ariwara-no-Yukihira and Narihira in Settu. There is a misfotrune of the image in the Ariwara family. Sympathy to their, gave birth to a wandering of the stories of noble persons. By the elegant Waka, Ariwara brathes bravely stood up to the power not only lamented their misfortune. Their way of life was exactly Miyabi.

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