Departmental Bulletin Paper 『說文解字』「許敍」段注についての一考察 : 「文者錯畫也」をめぐって(中)

田村, (大田) 加代子  ,  TAMURA, (OTA) Kayoko

63pp.113 - 134 , 2017-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
The goal of this article is to find out the basic meaning of Wen (文) through the comments of Duan Yucai on the several words concerning silk (麻・縷) and linen (帛・絲). By way of reading Duan Yucaiʼs comments carefully, I concluded that Wen (文) means not only the lines on two dimentions, but also means the lines existing in the three dimentions world. Duan Yucaiʼs comments lead me to the new understanding of the Chinese Characterʼs world and to the new horizen of the idea how Shuowen-Jiezi is constructed. At the same time, I succeeded to clarify the hidden intention of Duan Yuai by connecting his comennts on defferent words, namely on the words concerning silk and line. I created a multilinguistic and an interesting way of seeing the world of Shuowen-Jiezi, by which I try to replay how he realise his own linguistic thinking.

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