Departmental Bulletin Paper 信越地方の国分寺瓦

梶原, 義実  ,  KAJIWARA, Yoshimitsu

63pp.25 - 45 , 2017-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
In this paper, I carry out research as part of an integrated study on the roof-tile organization of old Japanese provincial temples. In it, I focus on the three provinces of Shinano, Echigo, and Sado, which have a deep geographical relationship, and discuss the formation and development of roof-tile organization. With respect to the Shinano provincial temple, although the construction of its buildings took place around the year 770, which is considerably later than in other provinces, I argue that perhaps prior to that time, temporary structures were built that used the same variety of temple roof-tiles as found in the local area. Regarding the tiles of the Echigo provincial temple, because there are not many related materials, I only introduced the specific characteristics of its roof-tile manufacturing technique. As for the roof-tiles of the Sado provincial temple, I organized their many types by lineage, and presented the possibility that the founding roof-tiles may have originally come along with the Sue pottery makers from Owari via Shinano and Echigo. I also pointed out the possibility that its founding period dates back to the late eighth century.

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