Journal Article Divergent Synthesis of Polymethoxylated 4-Aryl-2-quinolones

Murayama, Tsukasa  ,  Shibuya, Masatoshi  ,  Yamamoto, Yoshihiko

81 ( 23 )  , pp.11940 - 11949 , 2016-11-08 , ACS Publications
Polymethoxylated 4-aryl-2-quinolones were synthesized from the corresponding (o-aminophenyl)propiolates via Cu-catalyzed hydroarylation and subsequent deprotection/lactam formation. Selective iodination of the C3 position of the product followed by coupling reactions of the resulting 3-iodinated 4-aryl-2-quinolone afforded 3-substituted-4-aryl-2-quinolones. Moreover, the N-benzyl protecting group was successfully replaced with other polyoxygenated benzyl groups.

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