Journal Article Molecular weight dependency of polyrotaxane-cross-linked polymer gel extensibility

Ohmori, Kana  ,  Imran, Abu Bin  ,  Seki, Takahiro  ,  Liu, Chang  ,  Mayumi, Koichi  ,  Ito, Kohzo  ,  Takeoka, Yukikazu

52 ( 95 )  , pp.13757 - 13759 , 2016-12-11 , Royal Society of Chemistry
This work investigates the influence of the molecular weight of polyrotaxane (PR) cross-linkers on the extensibility of polymer gels. The polymer gels, which were prepared using PR cross-linkers of three different molecular weights but the same number of cross-linking points per unit volume of gel, have almost the same Young's modulus. By contrast, the extensibility and rupture strength of the polymer gels are substantially increased with increasing molecular weight of the PR cross-linker.

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