Journal Article Enantioselective Direct Alkynylation of Ketones Catalyzed by Chiral CCN Pincer Rh(III) Complexes

Ito, Jun-ichi  ,  Ubukata, Shino  ,  Muraoka, Shun  ,  Nishiyama, Hisao

22 ( 47 )  , pp.16801 - 16804 , 2016-11-14 , Wiley
A direct asymmetric alkynylation of ketones with new chiral CCN Rh catalysts containing N-heterocyclic carbene and oxazoline hybrid ligands is described. The catalytic reaction of fluoroalkyl-substituted ketones, ArCOCF2X (X=F, Cl, H), with aromatic and aliphatic alkynes yielded the corresponding chiral propargyl alcohols with high enantioselectivity. Control and kinetic experiments suggested a bis(alkynyl) Rh intermediate as the active species for the C−C bond-forming step.

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