Journal Article Coupled channel analysis of molecule picture of Pc(4380)

Shimizu, Yuki  ,  Suenaga, Daiki  ,  Harada, Masayasu

93pp.114003 - 114003 , 2016-06 , American Physical Society
We construct a potential obtained by one-pion exchange for the coupled channel Σ∗cD¯−ΣcD¯∗ and solve the coupled Schrödinger equations to determine the binding energy. We find that there exists one or two bound states with the binding energy of several MeV below the threshold of Σ∗c and D¯, dominantly made from a Σ∗c baryon and a D¯ meson, with the size of about 1.5 fm for a wide parameter region. We also study the pentaquark states including a b quark and/or an anti-b quark. We show that there exist pentaquarks including cb¯, bc¯, and bb¯, all of which lie at about 10 MeV below the corresponding threshold and have size of about 1.5 fm.

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