Journal Article Relativistic stars in de Rham-Gabadadze-Tolley massive gravity

Katsuragawa, Taishi  ,  Nojiri, Shin’ichi  ,  Odintsov, Sergei D.  ,  Yamazaki, Masashi

93pp.124013 - 124013 , 2016-06 , American Physical Society
We study relativistic stars in the simplest model of the de Rham-Gabadadze-Tolley massive gravity which describes the massive graviton without a ghost propagating mode. We consider the hydrostatic equilibrium and obtain the modified Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation and the constraint equation coming from the potential terms in the gravitational action. We give analytical and numerical results for quark and neutron stars and discuss the deviations compared with general relativity and F(R) gravity. It is shown that the theory under investigation leads to a small deviation from general relativity in terms of density profiles and mass-radius relation. Nevertheless, such a deviation may be observable in future astrophysical probes.

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