Departmental Bulletin Paper 北海道厚真川下流域の上部更新統~完新統のボーリングコア(AZK-103・AZK-112孔)とピートサンプラーコア(HAP-1・AKP-1孔)の地質解析およびAMS14C年代測定について

岡, 孝雄  ,  中村, 俊夫  ,  近藤, 務  ,  星野, フサ  ,  安井, 賢  ,  関根, 達夫  ,  米道, 博  ,  山崎, 芳樹  ,  若松, 幹男  ,  前田, 寿嗣  ,  乾, 哲也  ,  奈良, 智法  ,  Oka, Takao  ,  Nakamura, Toshio  ,  Kondo, Tsutomu  ,  Hoshino, Fussa  ,  Yasui, Satoshi  ,  Sekine, Tatsuo  ,  Yonemichi, Hiroshi  ,  Yamazaki, Yoshiki  ,  Wakamatsu, Mikio  ,  Maeda, Toshitsugu  ,  Inui, Tetsuya  ,  Nara, Tomonori

27pp.61 - 66 , 2016-03 , 名古屋大学宇宙地球環境研究所年代測定研究部
The authors have been studied deposits of Late Pleistocene to Holocene in the basin of the Azuma River since spring in 2013 by the use drilling cores. In the year of 2015 they obtained two cores (HAP-1 and AKP-1) by hand-operated sampler, and investigated the cores in the method of lithologic observation, pollen analysis, diatom analysis, tephrochronology and AMS 14C-dating. In addition to the study they performed the lithologic observation and pollen analysis of two cores (AZK-103 and AZK-112) obtained by drilling machine.

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