Departmental Bulletin Paper Rice Cultivation in Bangladesh: Present Scenario, Problems, and Prospects

Shelley, Israt J.  ,  Takahashi-Nosaka, Misuzu  ,  Kano-Nakata, Mana  ,  Haque, Mohammad S.  ,  Inukai, Yoshiaki

14pp.20 - 29 , 2016-03 , 名古屋大学農学国際教育協力研究センター
Bangladesh has an agrarian economy in which rice is the dominant crop. Rice is the staple food, reflected in the high per capita rice consumption in this country. The nutritional demand of the majority of people is met with rice. Over its long history, rice production in Bangladesh has gradually changed in terms of yield potentials, cultivation techniques, and cropping patterns. Despite pressure from overpopulation, the country has reached self-sufficiency in rice production. In this review, we focus on the present status and future prospects of rice cultivation in Bangladesh.

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