Departmental Bulletin Paper 「周辺」の若者の職業能力形成 : 現状と今後の課題

小杉, 礼子  ,  KOSUGI, Reiko

21pp.121 - 133 , 2016-02-23 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科職業・キャリア教育学研究室
In this article, I clarified the state of the employment conditions and the development of the occupational abilities of "marginal youth" which is defined as the young people who do not leave schools along the Japanese graduates recruitment practices. I also tried to scrutinize the trends related to the abilities of "marginal youth", and to consider the future study challenge. Main issues pointed out are as follows. In recent years, young non-regular employees have increased. But most non-regular employees are at low wages, and have poor skill development opportunities. Also transitions from a non-regular to a regular stuff are not easy. According to Surveys on individuals, the most skills needed to do the work of non-regular employees are low. So the work experiences of the non-regular employees rarely contribute to their career development. On the other hand, some corporate surveys have pointed out that there are severral ranks among non-regular jobs in each company, and they can be recruited as regular employees when their experiences become enough wide. Then, clarifying the factors to promote the transition to regular employees has become an important research topic. Some researcher say that one of the important factors is experiencing vocational training when they were non-regular employees. Already, several employment supporting policies for young people were implemented. Therefore it is necessary to study on measuring the actual policy and its effects. Further, under the flickering situation of Japanese employment market, the study which contributes to draw the big picture how individual young people, including "marginal youth", can improve the steady vocational ability to enhance career development is desired.

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