Departmental Bulletin Paper 地方自治体職員研修におけるOJTに関する研究の課題

鬼頭, 文隆  ,  KITO, Fumitaka

21pp.109 - 120 , 2016-02-23 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科職業・キャリア教育学研究室
The purpose of this article is to examine issues concerning improvements for conventional On-the-Job Training (OJT), which has traditionally been defined within the context of hierarchical relationship between superiors and subordinates. This study focuses on officials working in public sectors, especially local governments. OJT is the main education and training method conducted in local governments, and its significances has been increasing since the late 1990s when the decentralization reform was launched. Basing on the analysis of previous studies regarding OJT, two issues have been noted about OJT. The first is the need to establish a new common concept about OJT. The conventional understanding of OJT does not fit into the present age, as it is viewed to be old-fashioned. The second issue is to clarify the method of what kind of OJT behavior is effective for the development of officials' new skills and knowledge in the workplace. There's been very little theoretical or empirical research conducted regarding OJT in local governments. However, not only researchers but also public officials will be able to add to the theoretical and empirical findings about OJT.

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