Departmental Bulletin Paper Public initiatives and the genesis of professional commercial education in the Ural region

Alekseyeva, E.V.  ,  Kazakova-Apkarimova, E.Yu.

14pp.64 - 74 , 2016-05-01 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科 技術・職業教育学研究室
In the context of the emergence of vocational education in the Russian Empire the authors investigate genesis and subsequent development of schools of commerce in the Urals - an important commercial, mining and metallurgical region of Russia located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The research is based on the archival sources, pre-revolutionary periodicals, memories and modern historiography. Its purpose is to identify specific features of the origin of business education in the Urals by reconstructing the history of its first commercial institutions and considering the role of public initiatives in the genesis of professional commercial education. History of trading schools and specialized schools of commerce in the Urals confirms the fact that progress in the development of business education in the region resulted from the formation of the urban professional groups and associations at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries.
科学研究費補助金事業(基盤研究(B))「北欧における職業教育・訓練の改革に関する総合的研究 : 新しい「徒弟訓練」を中心に」(研究代表者: 横山悦生)中間報告書(その3)

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