Departmental Bulletin Paper 家計-労働市場間の労働移動と経済成長

宮永, 輝  ,  MIYANAGA, Teru

63 ( 4 )  , pp.25 - 30 , 2016-03-25 , 名古屋大学大学院経済学研究科
"Utilizing female workforce policy" is one of the growth strategy in "Abenomics". This is because one of the reasons to reduce Japan's economic growth rate has been assumed that social advancement is behind women. It is the purpose of this paper to consider using the economic growth theory whether the reason is correct. This problem is a of the originally leisure-labor time allocation. But, by introducing the concept of "household production function", the problem can be regarded as restrictions of labor transfer between household sector and labor market. In this paper, it is analyzed growth models that can the transfer of labor between the two production sectors. In order to analyze this problem, this requires growth models with a plurality of production sector. So it is selected three models that the condition is satisfied. They are Dual-sector model, Product variety model / Quality-ladder model and Uzawa-Lucas model. It is described for these three models in the following, and analyzed the possibility of solving the problem of these models.

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