Departmental Bulletin Paper 新発見! 明治時代のブレスラウ大学(旧ドイツ)製のムラージュが名古屋大学博物館所蔵皮膚科学のムラージュに存在した

野崎, ますみ  ,  バトツェンゲル, ツォグゾルマー  ,  西口, 幸子  ,  三矢, 保永  ,  NOZAKI, Masumi  ,  BATTSENGEL, Tsgzolmaa  ,  NISHIGUTI, Sachiko  ,  MITSUYA, Yasunaga

31pp.9 - 24 , 2016-03-14 , 名古屋大学博物館
A total of 534 moulage (wax model) specimens are housed at Nagoya University Museum (NUM), which were once extensively used for the dermatology education at the Department of Medicine, Nagoya University. In the course of the archival photographing and re-examination of attached labels of these specimens, we found nine old moulage specimens made by Alfons Kröner of Bleslau University, former German Empire, more than one hundred years ago. This is the first finding of authentic German-made moulages from Japan, and will open a new vista on the exchange history of medical technology between Japan and Germany.

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