Departmental Bulletin Paper 高木三家と埋御門 : 「西高木家陣屋と高木家文書」補遺

石川, 寛  ,  ISHIKAWA, hiroshi

13pp.70 - 64 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学附属図書館研究開発室
This paper examines the background of the Uzumi Gate (Uzumimon) in the governmental residence of the Nishi-Takagi family, former retainers of the shogun. After the Battle of Sekigahara, the three Takagi families ― Nishi, Higashi, and Kita ― came to their lands in Tara and Toki Township, Ishizu County, Mino Province. First, they all lived together in a single family compound. The Uzumi Gate (Uzumimon) derives from the gate of this shared place of residence. Therefore, the Uzumi Gate (Uzumimon) was known from the Edo period under the appellation“ the Symbolize Gate of the three Takagi families” in memory of its historical association as being located at the place where the three Takagi families of the House of Takagi first came to their lands. Even through the Meiji period and thereafter, the gate was a shared memory for both master and servant in the House of Takagi.

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