Departmental Bulletin Paper A Subculture of Their Own : Écriture Shōjo and Banana Yoshimoto’s The Lake

Fotache, Ioana  ,  フォタケ, イワナ

16pp.97 - 112 , 2016-02 , 名古屋大学国際言語文化研究科国際多元文化専攻
This article examines the characteristics which have become intrinsic to shōjo literature in an attempt to establish a framework hereby referred to as écriture shōjo, based on the premise that shōjo culture relies on the construction of a ‘third gender’, defined by Judith Butler as ‘a category that radically problematizes both sex and gender as stable political categories of description’ (153), in order to explore new means of gender expression and develop them within a closed system of reproduction. The author performs a textual analysis of Banana Yoshimoto’s The Lake within this framework, focusing on its idiosyncratic and subversive depiction of family, gender, and sexuality in a world defined by emotional signifiers.

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