Departmental Bulletin Paper 労ある秋の夕暮れ : 『うつほ物語』「内侍督」の表現

大井田, 晴彦  ,  OIDA, Haruhiko

62pp.233 - 244 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
Naishi no Kami (Early Autumn) of Utsuho Monogatari, is important chapter that connect the first half portion and the rear half portion. Nakatada and Fujitsubo, Kanemasa and Jizyuuden, Toshikage no Musume and Emperor Suzaku, these couples had loved each other, but could not be married. In Sumo festival, they enjoy love games. In Naishi no Kami, there are many mistakes and contradictions. For example, in Fukiage, Emperor Suzaku commanded that Msayori should marry Atemiya off to Suzushi, the First Princess off to Nakatada, but this royal command changed in Naishi no kami. Nakazumi who had died in shock of Atemiy’s bridal appears in this Chapter. Other Chapters had rewrited, but Naishi no Kami had not rewrited because of sophisticted representation. Thus these conflicts caused. Some keywords and motif are reperated many times in this chapter. In Naishi no Kami, autumn wind is blowing all the time. Yomogi (wormwood) and mugura (sagebrush) reminisce deep affection and Platonic love of Kaguyahime and the Emperor of Taketori Monogatari. The episodes of Zyohuku and Kuramoti no Miko reminisce Toshikage’s drift. This Monogatri tries to return to starting point. Naishi no Kami was the requiem for Toshikage. By repetition of keywords and motif, theme of this chapter has been emphasized.

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