Departmental Bulletin Paper 『說文解字』「許敍」段注についての一考察 : 「文者錯畫也」をめぐって(上)

田村, (大田) 加代子  ,  TAMURA, (OTA) Kayoko

62pp.191 - 213 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
The goal of this article is to explain what makes Duan Yucai (段玉裁) interpret “wen (文)” in Xu Shen (許愼)ʼs Preface of Shuowen-Jiezi (說文解字) as “wen (文) is crossed-lines (錯畫)”, and makes him criticize that “cuo (錯) shuold be written as cuo (逪)”. I follow Duan Yucaiʼs way to see how he reaches his conclusion by way of analyzing his notes on Xu Shenʼs interpretation of the Chinese Character “wen (文)”. At the same time, I utilize several Chinese Characters such as “hua (畫), hui (繢), hua (繪), xiu (繡) and wucai (五寀)” and the interpretation about these words made by Duan Yucai. At the end, I found out the hidden reason and the true motivation of Duan Yucai behind the notes on “wen (文)”. Duan Yucaiʼs interepretation coincides with the phrase of the most important part of Xu Shenʼs Preface: “書曰予欲觀古人之象。言必遵脩舊文而不穿鑿。”. The thesis follows the quotation. This is a common pattern of the Crassic Chinese rhetoric. Duan Yucaiʼs intention of several notes is to search a logical relation with the quatation: “書曰予欲觀古人之象” and the thesis: “必遵脩舊文而不穿鑿”.

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