Departmental Bulletin Paper 接辞・接語・複合の左右非対称性 : 心理言語学的説明に向けて

淺尾, 仁彦  ,  ASAO, Yoshihiko

62pp.141 - 156 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
A well-known fact in linguistic typology is the suffixing preference, i.e. there are more suffixes than prefixes in the worldʼs languages. This paper points out that (i) there is an asymmetry between prefixes and suffixes not only in their frequencies, but also in their phonological characteristics; and that (ii) similar asymmetries can be found in clitics and compounds as well. While a wide range of accounts have been proposed to explain the suffixing preference, there have not been many attempts to explain different kinds of asymmetries in a unified manner. It is argued that two psycholinguistic approaches, the production-based account by Himmelmann (2014) and the comprehensionbased account by Asao (2013), can be naturally extended to explain phonological asymmetries, as well as asymmetries found in clitics and compounds.

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