Departmental Bulletin Paper 楊逸の『ワンちゃん』を読む : 孤独を拾い上げて、「ワンちゃん」に向かう

陳, 晨  ,  CHEN, Chen

62pp.125 - 139 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
Yang Yi, a Chinese writes in Japanese, was among the seven nominees for this winterʼs Akutagawa Prize. Wan Chan is her most famous work published on Bungakai in 2007. At present there are mainly two perspectives to interpret this novel. One is to regard it as Cross-border literature, with its focus on expressions and literary techniques in Japanese. The other is to focus more on Wan Chan, the female protagonist of the novel and the sympathy for her destiny of marrying to rural Japan. In this paper, the author believes this work is endowed with a positive meaning when putting into a context of Cross-border literature, even though the issue of unequal “International Marriage” is apparently neglected. However, the theme of this novel is not a criticism on “International Marriage” or gender/racial discrimination. Thus, the author tries to abandon two perspectives above and re-interpret this novel and protagonist by comparing to works of Kashimada makiʼs Onna no niwa.

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