Departmental Bulletin Paper 訳官使考

池内, 敏  ,  IKEUCHI, Satoshi

62pp.125 - 147 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
There is the rotation system by monks who were sent from Kyoto to Itei-an-temple at Tsushima named “Itei-an Rinban-sei”. Through evaluating the actual conditions of the job, we can evaluate the system, I think. “Yakkan-shi” (Korean envoy composed of interpreters as a leader) has been rated as private envoys from Korea. But I think it was an Official envoy. In this study, I analyzed the role of monks, belonging to Itei-an-temple, during the reception for envoys named “Yakkan-shi”. “Yakkan-shi” began in the 1660s, was sent 55 times during Edo-era, and ended in 1860. In each time, there were five rituals in Tsushima. I can divid the five into two groups. The former group is Welcome banquet, Main banquet, farewell banquet, the latter is Banquet at Banshoin-temple, and Banquet at Itei-an-temple. The monks deeply involved in the latter one, and not in another. In the case of deeply involved, I think they took part in the ceremony at the position of the Shogunate of attorney. In that sense, I think “Yakkan-shi” was an Official envoy.

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