Departmental Bulletin Paper 讃岐地域における寺院選地

梶原, 義実  ,  KAJIWARA, Yoshimitsu

62pp.83 - 100 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
As a background of a marked increase of the temple of the latter half of the 7th century, various reasons have been raised until now, being as a monument replaced with an ancient tomb, military objective and an economical situation. I have so far performed indication that the erection background of an ancient temple can be approached by examining in what kind of place was chosen, and the ancient temple meant what kind of how to show. In this paper, examination synthetic about the location of an ancient temple, circumference environment, an excavation roof-tile, etc. was performed on the topic of the Sanuki province. As a result, it was shown clearly that a big difference is found by the location of a temple also in the Sanuki area. In the eastern area, temple whereas was built in a good location with a panoramic view of the hills, in the central area, there was a difference that was built in a location adjacent to the low-lying part of the road and the government office. On the other hand, there was a common point throughout the Sanuki region that a plurality of temple in each county was built without adjacent respectively, that the pattern of roof-tile same as the tendency of the location to correspond, that many temples was repaired with tiles even after the Heian Period.

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