Departmental Bulletin Paper 残存デンプン粒分析からみた縄文時代の植物質食料 : 石川県の遺跡を対象として

山本, 直人  ,  渋谷, 綾子  ,  上條, 信彦  ,  YAMAMOTO, Naoto  ,  SHIBUTANI, Ayako  ,  KAMIJO, Nobuhiko

62pp.51 - 82 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
Residue samples of the carbonized foodcrasts adhering to deep bowls, and stone pestles and mortars excavated from six Jomon sites (Mibiki, Kitaduka, Yonaizumi, Nakaya-sawa, Shinbohonmachi-Chikamori, and Okyoduka sites) in Ishikawa Prefecture were analysed for exploring plant food resources in the Jomon period. The total starch granule numbers recorded were 20 granules from 11 sampled pottery vessels and 81 granules from 23 sampled stone tools. Initial visual comparisons of archaeological starch samples with modern reference collections showed the possibility of many identifiable plant species, but the morphological features of archaeological ones may be similar to starch granules of chestnut, acorn, root vegetable, and others.

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