Departmental Bulletin Paper 心的ファイルとメタ表示

成瀬, 翔  ,  NARUSE, Sho

62pp.35 - 53 , 2016-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
The concept of meta-representation attracts attention in field of linguistics and cognitive science. Deirdre Wilson defines as follows: “A metarepresentation is a representation of a representation: a higher-order representation with a lower-order representation embedded within it.” (Wilson 2000, p. 411) Meta-representational capability is the mental domain has been investigated systematically in theory of mind research. Meta-representational capability is essential in communication. In philosophy, meta-representation is not only investigated in theory of mind research, but also communication research. Especially, François Recanati argues that meta-representation is key concept of intentional use of empty names (Recanati 2012). According to Recanati, intentional use of empty names can be explained by metarepresentational capability. I will examine Recanatiʼs theory, and show hisʼ theory has some problems. The contents of this paper are as follows. In Section 1, I will survey research of meta-representation in linguistics and cognitive science. In Section 2, I will introduce Recanatiʼs mental file-framework. In Section 3, I will examine Recanatiʼs theory of intentional use of empty names and meta-representation. Finally, I criticize Recanatiʼs theory, and present more modest-theory.

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