Departmental Bulletin Paper 主体的問題解決のための思考過程の解明の試み : 自己エスノグラフィを通した探索的検討

近藤, 百玲  ,  KONDOU, Toa

59pp.19 - 34 , 2016-03-21 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科 教育科学専攻
The purpose of this research is to clarify thinking process for independent problem-solving. The author applied self-ethnography as its research method and analyzed several related experiences from infancy age through high school age. She also applied theoretical framework of cognitive science for problem-solving. Following points were suggested. a. Intension for independent problem-solving is possessed caused by the factor of negative emotions. b. Intension for independent problem-solving is possessed caused by recognition of urgency of problem-solving. c. The existerce of successful model of problem-solving functions as a trigger to start thinking for problem-solving. d. Limitation of extension of “operator seeking” promotes operator seeking process. e. Compilation of partial experiences of problem-solving functions as factor for beginning thinking for problem-solving. f. Training of critical thinking and metacognition is effective for judgment of “operator applicability”. It is necessary to examine acquisition process of problem-solving in more detail through interview studies based on the above mentioned findings.

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