Departmental Bulletin Paper 医療領域における臨床心理士の在り方に関する研究展望 : 入院患者との関わり事例論文を中心に

三谷, 真優  ,  永田, 雅子  ,  MITANI, Mayu  ,  NAGATA, Masako

62pp.107 - 115 , 2015-12-28 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科
This study aimed to clarify the professional roles and the specialized skills of clinical psychologists (CPs) working for the inpatients’ ward. For this purpose, the previous case studies on the relationship between the CPs and inpatients submit by CPs in and after 2000 were retrieved from data of Journal of Japanese Clinical Psychology. Then, eight case studies were chosen to reveal the CP’s roles from the viewpoints of the intervention of CP in inpatients and the collaboration between CP and other professionals such as doctors and nurses. The sentences stating the CP’s specialized skills and professional roles were extracted from those case studies and categorized using the group KJ method. After 53 labels were obtained, those labels were categorized into two big categories, each having four subcategories. The first big category was “CP’s role for inpatients and their families,” having the following sub-categories: “providing a safe place where inpatients and their families can talk without constraint,” “being close to inpatients and their families to listen to them,” “helping inpatients accept their sickness and death,” and “supporting inpatients to cope with the realistic problems.” The second big category was “CP’s role in team medicine,” having the following sub-categories: “acting as an intermediate between medical staff and inpatients and their families,” “evaluating the medical team and all the circumstances objectively to back the medical team,” “facilitating the intervention of medical staff in inpatients,” and “making an assessment based on CP’s specialized skills and proposing the assessment.” This study showed that CPs play an important role not only in the relationships with patients and their families, but also in the medical staff team in the inpatients’ ward. It is considered that the CP’s specialized skills should be defined more concretely for further advancing the significance of the CP’s roles in the medical field.

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