Departmental Bulletin Paper 小児科領域におけるきょうだい支援についての展望と課題

永田, 雅子  ,  三谷, 真優  ,  川口, 智子  ,  NAGATA, Masako  ,  MITANI, Mayu  ,  KAWAGUCHI, Satoko

On the front lines of pediatric health care, priority is given to the treatment of child patients, and support for the patient’s family members including the patient’s siblings has not been sufficiently considered. This study aimed to clarify how the sibling support has been done up to the present by reviewing the domestic and foreign research papers on adaptation and support for siblings of child patients in the pediatric field. The results showed that when there was a child patient with a disability or a chronic disease in a family, the sibling support should be done by appropriately supporting the whole family including the child patient at the same time. This review suggested the necessity of establishing a support system where child patients and their family members can well adapt themselves to their life, in addition to the medical treatment for the child patients.

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