Departmental Bulletin Paper 職場におけるメンタルヘルス風土と労働者の援助要請およびメンタルヘルスの実態

前川, 由未子  ,  金井, 篤子  ,  MAEKAWA, Yumiko  ,  KANAI, Atsuko

Mental health care at workplace is gradually improving in Japan in these days. On the other hand, many workers don’t utilize mental health care even if they have mental problems. In order to improve mental health of workers, it is important to facilitate workers’ utilization of mental health care. Perceived workplace climate is an important factor which influence workers’ utilization of health services. For better intervention to facilitate workers’ help-seeking toward mental health care, this study investigated actual situation of perceived workplace climate, help-seeking, and mental health of male workers. A questionnaire was distributed to 650 male full-time workers. One-way analysis of variance was conducted to investigate the difference by age, post, and company size. The results showed that workers who are elder, in a higher post, and work at bigger company reported better perceived workplace climate. Additionally, younger subjects reported lower help-seeking and higher depressiveanxious mood. Depressive-anxious mood were also high with workers who are in low post and smaller company. These result revealed that perception of workplace climate, help-seeking and mental health changes depends on workers position and situation. Therefore, it is important to take into account those difference for better mental health care at workplace.

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