Departmental Bulletin Paper 双極Ⅱ型障害のロールシャッハ法とTAT : 軽躁の影響という視点からの検討

土屋, マチ  ,  TSUCHIYA, Machi

To investigate how hypomanic state the in bipolar II disorder affects the Rorschach method and the TAT, we applied each projective method twice in two cases of bipolar II disorder at a point when the clinical features of these cases were deemed to have changed. Hypomanic state in bipolar II disorder produced a decreased form level in the Rorschach method, and responses developed through subjective and delusional perception were observed, as noted by Tsuchiya (2012). In the TAT, storytelling increased as hypomanic intensity increased, and narrated descriptions grew elaborate. As hypomanic state abated, narrated descriptions in the TAT came to represent stories which scored well in reality testing. We found that the aforementioned features of hypomanic state in bipolar II disorder were depicted in both the Rorschach method and the TAT.

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