Journal Article Mechanism of chirality conversion by periodic change of temperature: Role of chiral clusters

Katsuno, Hiroyasu  ,  Uwaha, Makio

93pp.013002 - 013002 , 2016-01 , American Physical Society
By grinding crystals in a solution, the chirality of crystal structure (and the molecular chirality for the case of chiral molecules as well) can be converted, and the cause of the phenomenon is attributed to crystal growth with chiral clusters. We show that the recently found chirality conversion with a periodic change of temperature can also be explained by crystal growth with chiral clusters. With the use of a generalized Becker-Döring model, which includes enantio-selective incorporation of small chiral clusters to large solid clusters, the change of cluster distribution and the mass flow between clusters are studied. The chiral clusters act as a reservoir to pump out the minority species to the majority, and the exponential amplification of the enantiomeric excess found in the experiment is reproduced in the numerical calculation.

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