Departmental Bulletin Paper Vietnam’s Integration with Regional Economies and Some Implications for RCEP

Nguyen, Tien Dung

(199)  , pp.1 - 27 , 2015-11 , 名古屋大学大学院国際開発研究科
This paper has reviewed the recent trends in the trading relations between Vietnam and RCEP countries after a decade of integrating with the regional economies and analyzed the impacts on Vietnam’s exports of tariff reductions in RCEP trading partners. Our analysis has showed that exports to regional markets have substantially increased, and the growth of exports has been accompanied with significant shifts in the composition of exports toward manufacturing products. Tariff reductions under regional FTAs have produced positive effects on Vietnam’s major exports, including agricultural products and electronics products. The increasing complementarity between Vietnam and RCEP partners implies a greater potential for expanding trade in coming years. The formation of a region-wide market under the RCEP can significantly open regional markets for Vietnam’s exports through deeper tariff liberalization, the removal of non-tariff barriers, and the consolidation of the rules of origin.

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