Departmental Bulletin Paper 改訂版・構造分類による日本語文法知識テストの開発 : 中国人日本語学習者のデータによるテスト評価

早川, 杏子  ,  玉岡, 賀津雄  ,  HAYAKAWA, Kyoko  ,  TAMAOKA, Katsuo

29pp.5 - 24 , 2015-12-15 , 名古屋大学言語文化研究会
宮岡・玉岡・酒井(2014)が開発した調査・研究用の文法知識テストを改訂し,当該のテストの信頼性を検討した。改訂にあたって,機能語が語彙と文法どちらの知識に帰属すべきかを確認するために,確認的因子分析を用いて,2つのモデルを検討した。第1モデルは機能語を語彙知識に含んだ場合,第2モデルは,機能語を文法知識に含んだ場合である。分析の結果,第1モデルの適合度が高く,機能語は語彙知識に含まれるべきであることを明らかにした。これを受けて,改訂版では機能語のカテゴリーは文法知識に含まず,形態素変化(morphological inflections),局所依存(local independency) および構造的複雑性(complex structure) の3つの構造分類からなる各12問の合計36問の改訂版テストを作成した。中国人日本語学習者143名を対象に改訂版の文法知識テストを実施したところ,クロンバック信頼度係数(α=.820) は非常に高く,本テストが,日本語学習者の文法知識を簡便かつ安定的に測定することができることを確認した。The revised version of the structure-based Japanese grammatical knowledge test is based on the previous version from Miyaoka, Tamaoka and Sakai (2014). Prior to the revision of the test, the present study first investigated which knowledge category functional words belong to, lexical knowledge or grammatical knowledge. Using confirmatory factor analysis, two models were investigated: Model #1 (Figure 2 in the paper) included function words as a part of lexical knowledge, while Model #2 (Figure 3 in the paper) included the category as a part of grammatical knowledge. Four criteria for selecting a model from a set of models (i.e., AIC, CAIC, ECVI and BIC) supported Model #1 against Model #2, suggesting that function words are comprised as a part of lexical knowledge. Based on this result, function words were excluded from the present revised grammatical knowledge test; however, function words were included as question items for the former grammatical knowledge test by Miyaoka et al. (2014). The revised test consisted of 12 multiple choice questions for each of the three sub-categories (a total of 36 questions); namely, morphological inflections, local independency, and complex structure. The test was administered to 143 native Chinese speakers learning Japanese in Shanghai, China and obtained a high Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient of 0.820. Therefore, this revised test is able to efficiently measure the grammatical knowledge of leaners of Japanese as a foreign language.

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