Departmental Bulletin Paper Становление коммерческого образования в Российской империи (на примере Екатеринбурга)

Alekseeva, E. V.  ,  Kazakova-Apkarimova, E. Yu.

13pp.36 - 42 , 2015-10-31 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科 技術・職業教育学研究室
In the context of the establishment of the system of vocational education in the Russian Empire the authors investigate the origin and subsequent development of Ekaterinburg trading school that was the main actor of the commercial education in the center of the Urals - an important mining and metallurgical region of Russia. Ekaterinburg, a Eurasian city located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, profited from its position as a market town and was very important for regional trade. The purpose of research is to identify the specific features of the origin of business education in Ekaterinburg by reconstructing the history of its first commercial institution . At the example of Ekaterinburg trading school the researchers reveal the characteristics of this type of educational institution that pertained to the lower level of business education. The authors analyze the circumstances of the appearance of Ekaterinburg trading school, conditioned by regulations of legislation and by the process of professionalization underwent in the Urals at the turn of the XIX - early XX centuries; focus at the school activities aimed at the training of specialists for commercial and industrial establishments.
科学研究費補助金事業(基盤研究(B))「北欧における職業教育・訓練の改革に関する総合的研究 : 新しい「徒弟訓練」を中心に」(研究代表者: 横山悦生)中間報告書(その2)

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